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    After dialing ##3282, I get a screen that shows a closed lock, and a button that says modify. Can I reprovision the phone with that lock in place? If not, how do I find the password it asks for?
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    Yes, just use the CDMAUpdaterApp to extract the MSL. see my howto.. at TC

    There seem to be some PRI lock in place. ie: if you change some data settings it won't "lock in". There are many mystery in the CDMA NV Backup. I don't know why nobody try to analysis it in the Treo 650 days..

    What are you trying to do, you can PM me if its a secret.
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    Hey, nothing secret....I'm just having web issues and wanted to see if reprovisioning would help. It appears to complete successfully if I go through the menu to update vision profile, but I always wondered if it really saved it because of the lock on the data page.....
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    The lock means you need MSL to edit it

    Since I am on Telus, Sprint re-provisioning won't work for me, from my analysis it seem to use pdpset profile 0..

    To ##DATA restore your settings you still need MSL I think, there is also a ##PRI restore. I posted a message here on TC on the differences between them. If you can't get EVDO working try updating the PRL, it contains servers for EVDO.

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