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    I did a lot of searching online and the consensus seemed to be that the Holux GPSlim236 plus TomTom 6 was a top choice for my needs with the 755.

    I was happy to find what I felt was a really great deal through Semsons

    I learned that they've been around for a long time because I found them mentioned in a GPS forum thread about the Holux 236 unit way back in 2005.

    I'm really anxious to get the package, so I can finally enjoy one of the few missing features that I felt should have been built into the 755. The other, voice dialing, doesn't look promising since I've never been able to get Voice Dial installed and working properly.

    Oh well! I'm happy with this win.


    PS, just noticed thread about problems using TomTom 6 on the 755. The Semsons rep checked with TomTom and said he'd guarantee that it would work. I just hope I didn't buy myself a bag of worms. I'm not knowledgeable enough to play around with tech fixes mentioned in the other thread.
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    I hope TomTom 6 works, too. I just ordered mine & it's in the mail
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    i have a Holux and love it. Battery life is awesome.
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    The key to the TomTom issue is formating the memory card on your PC using Fat not Fat32. After I did that my lag went away. I made a post about it being laggy on the tomtom problems and forgot to mention that at first it ran fine with the card formated by the treo but after adding more to it and running tomtom more it slowed it down to the point of a dead crawl, then I stuck the card in formated it as Fat on the computer and its speedy and fast.
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    I hate to say this, but I just cancelled my order.

    After rereading the previous topic on TomTom 6 and the 755, I felt that the suggested fixes for the various issues were too complicated for my knowledge level of phone technology. On top of that, I'm using a Mac and everything suggested seemed to require a PC.

    I really wanted to be able to just install and start using GPS. It doesn't seem that this would be the case unless TomTom comes out with a version that they say is truly compatible with the 755.

    We're taking a trip in the Fall, so I can wait a while for the right solution.

    I'd still recommended Semsons. They were very generous with an extra discount and gracious about my canceling the order. They certainly have a lot of GPS product choices at excellent prices. If I can get the word from TomTom, that they have a version that will work for me, I'll place my order with Semsons on the spot.

    I want it!

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