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    More out of curiosity than need, I've been looking at battery tools, but something strange has happened.

    My warn threshold is now at 20mv, and the critical at 10mv - according to Battery Graph. This seems to be true because I can run it below 10% and I don't get any warning.

    The thresholds should be up around 3500 I guess. Before this tinkering I did a battery calibration cycle, and got warnings when expected, so it used to be OK.

    The thing which I suspect is that I did try battery.prc, but I think that program is too old to be properly compatible with the 680. One thing it shows is thresholds, but indicated they were 0, though I didn't try actually setting them at that time. However, it may have tweaked something internally and messed them up. After finding the thresholds were wrong I put battery.prc back and tried to set them, but that had no effect.

    I finally tried a hard reset, but even after that, and just loading Battery Graph, the thresholds still show the silly values of 20 and 10.

    Where does it store these - are they actually in a chip in the battery itself? And how can I reset them? I found a gadget called FullPower that says it can do this, but all that happens is the Treo resets when invoked, and requires a warm reset to delete it .

    I can live without battery warnings as I keep it on charge whenever possible, and usually have an eye on the battery meter when using it, but it would be nice to have them working properly again.

    Any ideas?

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    Palm changed the way to READ the thresholds, so programs like BatteryGraph or Battery cannot properly display them any more (AFAIR starting with the Treo 650).

    Internally, your Treo very likely still knows the proper shutdown thresholds (and ever has).

    Having said that, I have no idea, if it is possible to really tamper with the thresholds, e.g. with Battery.prc, like you tried. However, I would assume, that when Battery.prc uses a deprecated way to READ them, it shouldn't be able to SET them. So I don't think you have to worry about that.

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