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    I just got a 755p, which is really close to the 680. I was planning to carry it without a case. How does the rubber paint hold up?

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    The 680 doesn't have the rubbery type of paint job the 750/755 have. I have a white 680 and the paint is intact. Even the gray areas on the side are still complete. I use the phone pretty much all day everyday, ever since November.
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    Mine has been holding up nicely since December. The only place I am losing paint is where it took a fall 2 weeks after I purchased it. It fell on a concrete floor and went horizontal on the floor 10 feet! I did not even have to restart it! So if all it is doing is losing some paint chips in the area of impact...I have to say I am pretty satisfied.

    I have the 680.
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    Since Dec 23 mine is still looking great - arctic btw (apart from the 2-3 spots I dropped it on (concrete) and it still works yes - no cracks but a few scrapes..had it in an armor case!)
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    My red 680 has held up way better than my 650 did. I've had it since Dec 25th. I don't use any type of case protection, just stick it in my pocket. I used it on a construction site for a month, the rest of the time around the city. No scratches at all... but there are slight signs of wear in the red at the top front left and right where the corners are angled, next to the front-facing silver panel. You wouldn't notice them if I didn't point them out to you. This is the best-finished phone I've ever had.
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    The rubbery paint of te 755p is more resiiliarn to scratching, but i can catch a dent that won't go away. The 680's finish is solid, a bit moreso on the colored models. But overall seems to hold up well.

    The 755p is a fingerprint magnet though.
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    I've had mine since December and the paint is still perfect...
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    Perfect here, except where I banged it on something (horizontal case has open ends... apparently banged it through the case there) and it has a scratch and a gouge. Doesn't appear to be getting worse, so that's good.

    Can't remember when I got my 680. Looks like first of the year.
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    I have a arctic here, just over a month. So it's looking good.
    But I am thinking to get a full body invisible shield, and without any other protection.

    I heard quite a few arctic users having their white treo turning yellowish after using it for a certain time.

    So I am a bit worry thinking it will turn into rotten mango.

    Glad to know that people from here still have lovely paint job.

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