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    Yamgo has recently launched mobile video streaming service at and we need to test which mobile phone networks it works on around the world. The 'beta' service allows users to view free live TV and upload and view videos on mobile phones.

    We would really appreciate your feedback on whether you can stream the Live TV channels or any of the videos-on-demand on your phone

    Type on your mobile phone internet browser.

    Please tell us:

    what network you are on
    what country
    what phone you have

    Additionally, if you can test the uploading of a video either from your phone or via on the internet that would be great.

    Many thanks in advance we really appreciate your testing help with this project. Global roll-outs over mobile networks are difficult.
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    Treo 755p

    I viewed the high quality stream and saw some crazy dude ride a mountain bike off a cliff.

    It stopped to buffer once and there was quite a bit of compression visible in the picture. The aspect ratio of my screen caused many of the titles to be cut off.

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    Treo 750

    Got "Failed to Find network" for the live streams as well as the recordings using the HTC Streaming media app and WMP (although in WMP it was a different error)
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