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    I'm thinking about upgrading my 650 to a 755p. I was wondering what are users' experiences when putting PDF files on the phone? Is the entire page viewable including charts, graphs, pictures, etc...? What about searchable PDF files with bookmarks?

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    The Radio Classics program guide for XM is a PDF. The included PDF reader works pretty well for viewing. It's pretty slow for rendering, however. So, if your PDF is pretty complex, you'll need to wait a while.

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    Thanks for the reply. Do you know if things like text search and bookmarks work?

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    Palm PDF ( is an excellent application that beats the heck out of the Adobe application.

    Also, Documents to Go ( does a good job.

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    Rendering is slooow, and Docs to Go's version (of all their products) has a habit of crashing often on open. PalmPDF is freeware and seems superior. There was a program called Repligo that required preparation on a desktop before transfer, but did an amazing job of allowing PDFs (and other docs) to be viewed in a very friendly way.

    As for Adobe's Palm reader - forget it. It's an absolutely terrible application, they should be embarrased to have released such garbage and continue to promote it in it's present state. Of all companies - Adobe should have the talent and capital to create a decent PDF reader for the Palm OS. It's so bad I see it as negative advertising against their own expensive product line - it should be fixed or killed off.
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    My experience with PalmPDF has been less good than the included Docs to Go, but I rarely look at a PDF on the Treo because of the small screen.

    The Adobe product does surprising well when I tested it with complex user manuals from my former job. The bad thing there, though, is that it's a two-step operation. The PDF files are actually converted to a format that renders better on the Treo using the Adobe application for Palm. If you don't mind the two-step process, that might be a good choice for you.

    Of the three applications mentioned, I think the Docs to Go converter best renders a file as it actually appears on a PC screen, with the attendant issues that may cause, and the Adobe application best renders a file in a useable form on the Treo, but requires conversion and hotsync.

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    Joad, I have never had a crash with DTG opening up a file and I do use it to open PDF files a couple of times a week. I did have a problem when I up'd to V9 crashing, but that turned out to be a card problem that once taken are of has not reoccurred and that was six or so months ago.

    I found the Adobe application to be erratic and did not render it as well as Palm PDF. I tied it again two weeks ago and deleted it afterwards - no better than when I used it for a short period on the 650.

    I have WordPerfect on my laptop and occasionally use it to create PDF files for my Treo.


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