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    I'm thinking about purchasing a bluetooth headset. Looking at the reviews on TreoCentral as well as various posts, I feel like getting either the Motorola H700 or Samsung WEP200 would be my best bet for the money I have set aside towards one. This is where I need help though - I can't decide which to get! Here's what I know and what I'm looking for. I just hope some current owners can help me out here! THanks!

    - Sprint, Treo 700p with MR update

    - Has anyone had issues with it not fitting in their ear and/or it falling out?

    - How do you like the boom idea?
    - How comfortable is the behind-the-ear piece?
    - Is the noise-cancellation worthwhile?

    I plan on using the headset primarily on an office-type environment, but I also will use it quite often in the car and when out walking. I've read that the WEP has some problems in noise environments. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your help!

    *Edit: Forgot to mention, I would be keeping this in my pocket a lot which was one reason I really liked the WEP200. So, could you let me know how well these devices do in your pocket with their respective cases? Thanks!
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    Well I can tell you that I have the H700 and as long as you have the version C one it works magnificently. I didn't get a case with mine, so I don't know what you mean there but just throwing it in my pocket with my keys and other things like pens has been no problem for me. It works perfectly.
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    I have never used the Motorola H700, so I cannot offer any opinion on that headset. Having said that, I have a Treo 700P with the MR installed, which I use in conjunction with a Samsung WEP200. I am absolutely thrilled with the Samsung WEP200. Perhaps (coming from the standard palm bluetooth headset) my expectations weren't that high, but I have been impressed by the WEP's durability, volume (usually to high for me to use on the loudest setting) and reception. I have had no issues with trying to keep it in my ear, it works well and stays in (I've never tried any running or biking with it in my ear and it would probably fall out if I tried).

    I read (when I was deciding to buy a new headset) all the reviews on Treocentral and in the forums and I came up with an understanding of what I think is going on. I believe (and this is only an educated guess) that many people have described issues that can be attributed to them getting a low-priced imitation of the WEP. It's not their fault, they are buying (on ebay or usually some other website) a product that is being sold as a WEP and that says "Samsung WEP," but it's not authentic (this issue is quite prevalent so be careful where you buy the WEP).

    So, that being said, my suggestion is that if you are going to buy the WEP, buy it from a website like, Treocentral or a Circuit City/Best Buy (even small retail stores sell imitations). It will be more expensive, but at least you will have an authentic product.
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    I have the wep200 (purchased from and use it on my vzw 700p (no MR-can you hear me now vzw? but I digress) aside from the occasional unpairing it is flawless- my wife cannot tell when I am on the headset versus when I am not - it is that good. I cannot speak about the other headset because I have not used it.
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    I agree with the previous posts onthe wep200. I have used it with the vzw 700p in the car and outside without any problems. I also do think a lot of the negative reviews are from people that get fake ones. Even well-known online retailers have been known to carry the fake ones. Buy from amazon, their prices are good and the 2 that I have bought from them have been genuine.

    My only complaint about the headset is its size. It is so small that it is easy to lose. Hence the reason I have bought two. If you are good at having a "place" for things and making sure those things get put in their "place" when you are done with them, then you will have no problem. If you tend to just put things down, then you will most likely lose the headset at some point.

    Other than losing the headset, I am very happy with its performance. It has not fallen out of my ear, even when chasing one of my kids around.

    Btw, here is a great forum post for spotting fake wep200's:
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    Thank you very much for your replies! They have been VERY helpful. I have decided to try the H700 for now since it has the ear piece, the folding boom, DSP, and more talk time. I would have liked to at least try the WEP200 first but since I had a gift card for Best Buy and they have a nice 30-day return policy (and I wanted to avoid the fakes as paulsjmail mentioned), I decided to buy from them. Sadly, the local Best Buy doesn't stock the WEP200 So, I bought the H700 instead (made sure it was Version C - Thanks vMAC)

    It took me 3 tries pairing the headset to my Treo before it actually worked but so far it's had no problems pairing on the fly. I must say, that so far I really like the boom being the on/off on it! A co-worker has 2 bluetooth headsets (Palm's bluetooth headset and a Jabra I believe) for his 650 that have the button for on/off and they keep turning on in their respective cases - which can really mess with you if your headset is answering the phone and you have no idea where it is! Anyway, outside of the pairing, the only other issue I have is that I'm getting a little static when my phone is in my pocket. I'm going to keep testing that though since I have bluetooth on my computer, Wi-Fi, and various other possible sources of interference here which may be causing problems. As far as voice quality, well lets just say neither of the people I talked to had any idea that I was using a headset!

    Thanks again for your help!
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    My initial choice was also between the WEP200 and the (I never tried the H700) H700, so please let us know how that works out for you in the end.
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    I will definitely do that for you. I'll be going on vacation next week but on 2 weeks I will post and update with my "review." Thanks again for your input!
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    Well, I've had the headset for almost 2 weeks now and I must say that I've really liked it!
    - Volume has been good - even when in the car or in noisy environments.
    - I think I've had one complaint so far about noise but other then that, most people don't even realize that I'm using a headset.
    - The Battery life has been very good as well.
    - I do get some interference in my apartment though which requires me to keep the phone close by. However, when I was in the car, I could just leave my phone in the seat next to me; at work, I can just leave my phone at my desk and walk around my office (and even outside of it) without much - if any - static. Overall, I've been quite please with the range
    - I've only "lost" my pairing once. I used quotes because the H700 uses the purple-colored indicator to signify pairing mode as well as the mode to switch the volume buttons (so they work correctly when you move it from one ear to the other). To change the volume button, you press the multi-function button while the H700 is in the off position then whichever button is supposed to be the "up" volume button. I didn't realize this and thought I lost my pairing since I accidentally pressed the multi-function button when the headset was in my pocket.
    - I Wish Palm supported the Bluetooth 2.0 profile or at least Voice-activated calling! I have the software from Palm for the wired headset - it just doesn't work with Bluetooth!
    - The idea of using the microphone boom as the on/off has to be one of my favorite features! VERY nice!

    So, in summary, I would say that I'd recommend the H700. Only complaint would be the lack of a case and the fact that you have to remember so many button combo's for stuff (for in a call, not in a call, call waiting, mute all, mute mic, etc.). Now if only I could try the WEP200 to actually finish off the comparison! lol
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    I just got the WEP200 and love it. I've only used it with the 1.10 MR Sprint 700P. Now that I just replaced my phone with a 1.08 software version, I don't know. I didn't have any issues with it falling out of my ear and the voice quality was fantastic. That thing is tiny....but packs a punch. I did make sure that I ordered it directly from Amazon to avoid a counterfeit and it only cost me $42. Best BT headset I've used so far out of Moto 850 and Jabra 500

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