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    We have about 6 or 7 WM users. Devices are all set to sync with the Exchange server (email, calendar and contacts).

    What would be the advantage(s), if any, of implementing Good Mobile vs. what we have set up now?
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    Depends on if you are the admin or the user.

    Admin: There are great advantages if you are the admin of a fleet of devices because of the control it gives you to control the setup and maintenance of multiple devices.

    Users: Mostly reliable push mail and calendar/contacts synching. But IMO it practically ruins all the other features of a WM device as well as making the phone unreliable. And it looks like their 5.0 version will use even more memory.
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    Pros to installing goodlink instead of using outlook/direct push:
    1. phone will respond slower
    2. goodlink will take over just about every part of your phone
    3. say goodbye to your phone contacts and get ready to use goodlink's
    4. get ready to shell out some serious cash to roll out goodlink
    5. get ready for some of the worst tech support you can find
    6. pray to god you get a good account rep...95% of the time you wont.

    Stick with what you have TRUST ME.
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