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    SEIDIO 755P 2100mah Extended Battery Review

    SEIDIO sent me a 755P 2100mah Extended Battery for review.


    Shipping was USPS Priority Mail from Houston TX... took only about 2 days from shipping to get to Los Angeles, CA

    Size/ Physical Appearance/ How well it fits
    The battery is well built, very sturdy, and fits perfectly in my Blue 755P. The battery cover does not fall out easily as other members on the board mention. However, if applying some pressure and pushing down on the back battery cover, it will slide out (without pressing the release button) --not a big issue in my it requires a bit of force for removal.

    Applications during test
    • Chatter Email w/ 5 IMAP IDLE mailboxes online, and 2 POP3 (set at 3hr intervals)
    • Blazer (web) use
    • Text Messaging, about 75/texts (both in and out)
    • 20-25 Phone calls (about 5 min each) --total talk time during test...maybe 2hr talk time

    First, I like to thank SEIDIO for sending the battery. I consider myself a very heavy power user. Constant emails are pushed via Chatter (approx one every 10 minutes) throughout my 5 mailboxes online...and I have 2 mailboxes POPing every 3 hrs each.
    When I received the battery, I let the battery fully charge in my Palm docking cradle (for at least 8 hours) as SEIDIO recommends.

    Referenced from above, here are my test results:
    • 1600mah (stock OEM battery) ~6hrs of use --until 9% battery life
    • 2100mah (SEIDIO test review battery) ~8hrs of use --until 9% battery life
    • 2400mah (SEIDIO Extended battery, used with eBay-bought back battery cover) ~12hrs of use --until 9% battery life

    2400mah ref: at

    SEIDIO's 2100mah battery does what it says. I'm not a math major, but i think that equates 20-30% over stock 1600mah battery life.
    For a user like me, however, I feel that 8hrs of use is not enough time, especially for a Friday/Saturday night when I am using the battery during working hours, and hitting the night life at night (where no charger is available). The 2100mah is obviously a nicer solution (with a flushed battery cover), but because 8hrs of use is not enough for my needs, I will revert back to my 2400mah creation ref: at

    Please understand, however, that this is based upon my daily usage... I am a very heavy user, as referenced above, and results obviously will differ from setup to setup. The battery, without a doubt, offers more juice than the stock oem battery from Palm.

    Here are some photos of the unit.

    (above, from left to right: 3200mah - 2400mah - 2100mah)
    *Please note: the 3200mah, and 2400mah are not officially supported for the Treo 755*

    SEIDIO 2100mah and OEM 1600mah

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    Very good review. Have to confirm your experiance. I don't put as much of a drain on the battery as you (little less use, no push email, no bt except in car when treo is plugged in anyway). But I have gone from just getting through the day on the OEM battery to being able to go into a second day with the extended battery. A 30% increase in life is about right for me.

    My battery also fits just as yours does, I know my battery was NOT one of the first ones shipped.

    The bottom line for me is with the OEM battery, if I had a very heavy use day, I would have to start being careful that night so as not to run dry, but now I don't have to worry. Plus I can now keep my OEM battery charged up as a backup.
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    I was coming from a 3200mah from my previous Treo I was always in demand for a higher capcity (maximum available).

    As soon as SEIDIO drops its prices, I will definitely go with the 3200mah.

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