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    Hey everyone.

    Just curious if this happens to anyone else... Whenever i'm on a phone call, the Bluetooth authorization (whether to turn on or off) comes on. I don't think i'm touching anything on the screen when i'm on a call. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this a special feature on the 755p?
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    I haven't seen that on mine. Though I've seen cases where the bluetooth headset is veerrryyy slow to connect when I make a call - forcing me to hit the "connect bluetooth" option in the menu.
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    This happened to me yesterday. I had my bluetooth turned on and connected but i left my headset in my car. I had a phone call and i had to go to my car real quick. Right when i got in my car, it automatically connected to the headset. I immediately canceled the headset then i went back inside. It then immediately connected to my headset which was in my car. I pressed cancel and about a minute later, it automatically connected again. I again pressed cancel and it happend another time before i got off the phone. Is this the case you are talking about felix? I thought this was strange to me and i dont want this to happen again.

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