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    Ugh, I am so frustrated with my phone you guys! I have a Treo 700 P. I'm not the best with technology and stuff, but I really need some help. So I did something to my phone where I accidentally deleted all of my contacts from the phone. When I go into my Palm Desktop I see them there. But whenever I synch, they don't go to my phone. I tried this thing the help desk told me to do where I change the synch to copy from my computer to the phone, but that didn't work. I have like 50 contacts and I REALLY don't want to have to type them all in

    Is there any help for me at all? I appreciate your help, Meghan
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    Hey Meghan,

    At least the good news is that you have a copy of your contacts on your pc so you at least didn't totally loose them. Are you sure you setup the hotsync conduit correctly? That method should definitely have worked if you set it up properly. You should have:

    right click on hotsync manager on task bar > select custom > contacts > change > select desktop overwrites handheld

    That should have over overwritten your desktop contacts to you treo. ALso, just to be safe, I would advise you to make an addition copy of you contacts somewhere else by exporting them out of the palm desktop in the event that you might loose them during hotsync. To do this:

    goto PD on computer > contacts > goto view > select show private records > goto edit and select all > goto file and select "export" > save

    This should save your contacts as an 'aba' database for future reference if you need it.

    Please try both things above once more and let us know if it worked...
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