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    Trying to manage my mp3's in the Treo. I used Palms Quick install before I realized that I should be syncing through Windows Media Player. However, I can't get it to see my phone. Do I need the pTunes4? I'd hate to buy that just to be able to sync and manage them better. Seems dumb. Why would Palm put an old version of pTunes on a new version phone?

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    its works fine on the 3.xx versions of ptunes

    all you need is wmp10, and have the treo plugged in to the pc via usb... and wmp should see the treo as a portable player... BUT a card reader is the cheaper, quicker, easier solution....
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    Not cheaper. You gotta buy one. the rest I already have right? ptunes 3.1.8 on treo and wmp11 on pc.

    So why would it not see it in sync window? I seem to have it all.
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    downgrade to wmp10, and see what happens
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    oh..pfht...forget that buisness...
    downgrade pc so it'll work right? 8-) I'll use quick install till they offer free upgrade to Pocket Tunes 4.0.2 like they should do. Thanks for the link R1. Shoulda looked there first I guess. Good catch.

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