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    Is there any other type of alert for a missed call if the phone is "blanked out". What I mean is, I get a call but I'm not near the phone when it comes in. The screen turns back off after a set time. Am I supposed to get a visual indication I missed a call, from maybe the light at the top? Should it flash or something? Or do I have to turn the screen on every time to see?
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    Install Butler, enable the Attention Grabber, and you'll at least have a steady LED to indicate a missed call.
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    If there's an Alert, you'll see the green LED flashing.
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    Thank you...and a follow up. When the phone is charging the LED is solid green. Is there a way to get it to switch to flashing green if I miss a call or alert? I know the phone is's plugged in. But if I do miss a call or alert and then come back to my desk, there is no visual indication I missed anything with the LED solid green. I still have to turn the phone on to tell.
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    Thanks for the reply. I ended up installing Butler, which does give an indication but it isn't permanent. It will continue to "interject" the special notification every 10 seconds but while it's not giving me the notification it reverts back to the solid LED light to indicate charging or charged. It's not exactly the solution I was looking for, but it's something.

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