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    I have recently moved to a MacBook pro from the PC platform and I'm having difficulites synching my treo on the Mac. When synching I receive the following error message:
    "OpenConnection rc: 1044
    error = Unknown Sync Error"

    Any ideas, or fixes out there?

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    I can't help with the error codes, but here's my experience syncing with Tiger.

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    Vince, I never encountered that particular error message, but used to sync my Treo 650, and late my Treo 680 using Palm Desktop with Panther on my iBook, but I always had problems.

    When I bought my new MacBook Pro, I purchased MarkSpace's Missing Sync for Palm OS and didn't even bother installing Palm Desktop.

    So far, my experience with the Missing Sync software has been fantastic.

    You have the option to sync your contacts, calendars and tasks with either Apple's PIM apps or with MS Entourage.

    You can check out their web site at:

    The down side is it costs $39.95 to download, but considering you don't have to deal with the Palm Desktop software anymore it is well worth the price.

    Hope that helps.

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