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    I apologize if this is not the right forum to post this question. I could not think of a better location to place this. The Windows Mobile folks wouldn't necessarily know about KeyCaps.

    Is there an application for Windows XP (not WM5 or 6) that provides the functionality of KeyCaps ( )? This would be useful for the new generation of UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs) like the OQO Model 02 ( ).

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    What about StickyKeys? It's already built into Windows. Press the shift key five times to activate it then click OK or click Settings. I have my StickyKeys set up with the following checked:

    Use Shortcut
    Press modifier key twice to lock
    Show StickyKeys status on screen

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but StickyKeys won't work for me. The idea is to avoid using the Shift key at all. For instance, on the OQO keyboard, you can press and hold the q key to get a [ or double press the q key to get a Q, or vice versa, as KeyCaps allows.
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