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    I have the below error popping up throughout the last few years and what on earth does it mean? I always overide the system with a sync in favour of the one that is showing the more and syncing in this cae with a Desktop overides Handheld, if you know what I mean. Here goers my learned dudes:

    Install - checking device capabilities
    OK Quick Install
    OK Adobe Reader
    - Sync configured to Do Nothing
    AddIt Manager Conduit processing transactions
    AddIt - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AddIt - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AddIt - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AddIt - Updating Databases
    MyTreoCA - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    MyTreoCA - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    MyTreoCA - Installing Files No Files To Install
    MyTreoCA - Updating Databases
    OK Memos
    -- Calendar
    - Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 4758, Handheld = 4757
    OK Calendar with 1 message(s)
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    Come on dudes, you must know something???????
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    How about you give people a chance to log on and read your question before jumping down their throats because you didn't get an immediate reply.
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    Sounds to me like you should purge old calendar records as maybe 4758 is the max??
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    I had the same problem... solution was to uninstall palm desktop with all conduits (see Palm Technical bulletins) and reinstall Palm Desktop.
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    If you can determine which record is not being copied, you might consider deleting that record and then adding it again later. It may be that the specific record is somehow corrupted and the software doesn't know what to do with it.

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