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    hi everyone...

    i recently purchased the treo 755p and was wondering if there was a way(s) to make media (photos/videos) private other than setting a password for accessing the desktop application. i put most of my media onto a card.

    i used to own a sony clie with a similar desktop program (just an older version). what i noticed in this new version is it shows the media each user puts on their phone. i'm not too thrilled about it...

    any insight would be appreciated...

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    if shes hot, share the photos & vids in question, and we will tell you...
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    On my 700P I use applock to lock pics/videos, camera, and camcorder applications.
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    Well.... here's kind of a roundabout way to do it. First, use Obfuscate to hide your Pics & Videos app so nobody can find it to get into it. Then, DL Splashphoto(PM me & I'll send it to you) & set your sensitive stuff to private with that. That's what i used to do when I had stuff to hide.
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    If you want to lock down a file, or a folder, using "industry standard" encryption, you can use SecureCard.

    It's probably overkill for what you want though.

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    a good read on this subject, I use the rescoviewer/encrypt solution
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