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    My Treo (700p) continues to become unresponsive to the red power button. You press the power button and nothing happens. The green phone button does not fair better. The unit requires a reset before you could proceed with normal operation and use the red power button again.

    The whole situation happens over 20 times a day; and frankly has caused me to miss important messages and phone calls.

    Upon checking the crash log (##377), the log only mentions a user reset; so the Treo is not even registering a crash. How can it not register a crash in this scenario?

    The situation began after configuring Chatter mail for my IMAP server. My email account receives numerous emails (100+ a day). Even after limiting the email and filtering my inbox, the Treo continues this unresponsive scenario. I even put Chatter mail into offline mode.

    It appears as the Treo become unresponsive with the receipt of a text message or several emails. I believe that several databases may have become corrupted causing these crashes; so it may not be a strict Chatter mail issue. In addition, the Memo pad had several corrupted records and became un-usable; yet I re-synced the memo pad with desktop overwrites and resolved the memo pad issue.

    Please help me troubleshoot the situation further.

    How do you check for corrupted database (SMS and email)? How do you fix them?

    Anybody have any Chatter mail resources or troubleshooting guides?
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    This happened to me on the 700p and still, though not as frequently, on the 755p. Chatter causes all sorts of issues that I never had with the 650. But, it is a vital program and I have learned to deal with it.
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    Can't say I've seen that, but I do see when I'm in Chatter and press the power button there is a delay of several seconds (up to 10) before the screen goes dark. This is a Treo 700p on Sprint, Chatter has 2 IMAP and 1 POP accounts. You can certainly try turning on logging in Chatter and sending a bug report. People more knowledgeable than me might be able to tell you how to look for any apps listening for a 'go to sleep' event and you could disable them one by one.
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    The Treo Palm OS series are not multi-tasking. It does one thing at a time. Poor network conditions, logging in to the data network, logging in to the mail server, processing messages, all take time and resources.

    I receive bunches of email a day and there are those rare times when it just sits there. When that happens, I put it up and give it a rest - eventually it starts up again.

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    Delete Chatter, and use Versmail. That will fix your problem.

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