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    When I downloaded PalmBackup the downloader installed a program from Palm called "Files" that allowed exploration of the SD card. I did a hard reset last night and now I can not figure out how to get that program back....any have download link?
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    It should be on the CD rom - as a note, it ran well on my device and then it started resetting. Uninstall, reinstall, reset. The problem was eventually traced to the card...

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    There's also a Blazer link for it. Look for a bookmark called Sprint Downloads. You can get to it from there.

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    I would go ahead and install Filez, old yet verliable app.
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    geez talk about typo...pretty much meged a word in there...verliable should have been very reliable :P
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    I like the interface for Files and used it with V8 of the Docuements to Go application. The file management system used by V8 was the pits. V9 made the need for it much less. It was after I stepped up to V9 that I experienced the problem with it. Nothing else crashed other than it at first then with V9 when ever chose to cruise the card it would crash. After much playing around, I contacted Dataviz and they suggested the card may be the problem. Removed the card and put it back in and no further problems. I did not even have to reformat it.

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    The Palm branded "Files" app is actually found as a download from the "My Treo" app from the palm Launcher area (home button).

    If you have resco explorer, then don't loaded it as it appears to share file names and causes both apps to reset the device.
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