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    Got my 755p a few days ago (replacement for a 600), and for the most I'm loving it! However, once I transferred all my MP3's over this weekend and started listening to music, it seemed that the sound quality was not as good as my 600, both through the speaker phone and through the headphone jack. In particular, the volume does not go up as high as my 600 did, and it sounds muddier as well. I did a side by side comparison using both PTunes and TCPMP playing the same songs, and both through the headset and speakerphone my suspicions proved out -- the 600 was significantly louder than the 755p (I'm guessing 20%), and seemed crisper as well.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Also, I've had 4-5 600's over the years due to replacements, and noticed a significant difference in sound quality from one 600 to another -- the one that I'm comparing the 755p to had about the best sound quality. I always thought it was due to a change of components over the long build run that the 600 had that explained this, but reading the threads here saying the 700p audio quality is an improvement over past models, I'm wondering if I just got a bad build on my 755p and should try swapping it for another one??
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    I'm using VolumeCare and don't really notice any volume issues.

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