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    Has anyone used the invisible shield from shieldzone for their 755p? I was waiting for the best skins ever, but they're lagging behind the curve. I don't want a skin/case that will add too much bulk so I figure invisible shield would be good. I'm just worried about the texture of the 755 and how it will react with the skins.
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    I purchased the invisible shield but I've been reluctant to put it on because I'm nervous about the solution and having it seep behind the screen possibly ruining some of the circuits. Someone else do it first!!
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    lol I can assure you that it is safe because I have used it on a 650, 2 700p's, and 2 ipods. I'm just curious about its adhesiveness to the 755.
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    I used this for my LG chocolate, and it was great on that. So great, I decided to put one on the screen of my Palm TX. I regret it. It's too "cushy". I feel I have to press much harder to use graffiti. I don't like it at all. It's probably great for the back, but if you use a stylus at all, I do not recommend it for the screen.
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    I am waiting on the bestskinsever too. I dont have a problem with the using the solution but the BSE is cheaper so I use them instead of the invisible shield

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