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    I just found a new issue with my 755. I searched but found nothing similar, if there is something similar to this issue call me an ***** and move on. It is BT related and possibly related to the BT DUN hack(but not confirmed yet). If I make a call on my bt headset(samsung WEP200) and have to dial numbers in, like push 1 for xxxxxx, the phone makes the sound, but the system on the other end doesnt recognize the button push(either the keyboard or the on screen dial pad). If I hang up and turn off blue tooth, call again, the problem persists. If I do a soft reset, the problem is gone, until I turn BT back on and re-pair the headset. If I just soft-reset and then turn BT back on, the problem is not there, only when I re-pair the headset. I am gonna do a hard reset to get rid of the DUN hack and see if that fixes it. Has anybody else had this issue?
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    Well it doesnt appear to be an issue with the BT dun hack as a hard reset didnt fix the problem. I re-paired my headset, called the same number and the dial pad wouldnt work. This kinda sucks.
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    So nobody else has this issue. It is almost as if the phone is looking for a BT keyboard.

    Edit, did some more playing and it seems to be the phone number I am calling. Everything works normally for VM and another number I tried, but my company number is FUBAR. I already knew the phone system sucked and this just confirmed it. I am still interested in anybody else that has had this problem.

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