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    I'm considering buying Textras but @ $12.95 I want to make sure it is a wise decision. Can anyone comment on this app or suggest an alternative? For the shortcut functionality I already use ShortCut5 but I like not having to type the period.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Here's another alternative from Mobisystems:

    Actually tries to correct spelling as you type though I'm not sure if you can create abbreviations like on textras to create strings of words....
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    Textras uses only 17k, that's part of the appeal. How heavy on the system is CheckSpell?
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    I used the MobiSystems for 3 minutes before deleting it - it really got in the way, flashing suggestions for each word entered.

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    I emailed Textra's author and if he can resolve the Palmgear version issue then I'll buy it, otherwise I'll use it for the 10 slots and keep using ShortCut5. It is nice to have it fix connon spelling mistahes (I spell 'their' wrong constantly, I before E except after C is a bogus rule, English sucks.) Plus you can just not type apostrophes as it will add them (though strangely I had to add 'I'll'.)
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    I have been using Textras for quite awhile but recently disabled it because I traced it as a cause of system lag/slowdown on my 680.

    Regarding the developer, I have e-mailed him several times regarding updating the program file on PalmGear and/or simply e-mailing me the file. I have never rcvd a response. My e-mails do not get bounced back, they are just not responded to. I have given up hope on this situation being resolved.

    I am currently in search of a suitable replacement that is still in active development and works with well with NVFS but none seem viable. The closest I have found is ShortCut5 but the 100 shortcut limitation is a problem for my use.

    If you have any luck with the developer, please post because I would still like to get the program I paid for. BTW, I did develop a work around to allow use of v1.1, the trial 1.1 version will not allow you to add shortcuts but the registered 1.0 version will. When I needed to add a shortcut I simply installed 1.0 into memory and when done re-installed 1.1 into memory. The 1.1 version prc does not overwrite the datafile and you can use all of the previously entered shortcuts in the database.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Ill is not automatically changed to I'll because Ill is a word.
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