The title says it all but a bit of background.

I've been pressured by work to upgrade to a blackberry or windows mobile device because these are supported devices for their push email implementations. I get the feeling they have subscribed to Blackberry's Enterprise Services with their Exchange and Lotus Notes Servers.

I am not fussed about receiving emails instantly so the "prosumer" Blackberry services seems like a good offering as I don't have to throw away my favourite PDA/phone (Treo 680). What I want to know is this;

1. Is it as simple as using Versamail and configuring that to get email from the Blackberry prosumer services inbox?

2. Understanding I have to do a bit of configuration on the blackberry services from the service provider's end, is it as simple as setting up Auto CC facilities and Reply-To fields (so that emails actually look like they came from the company)?

or am I forced to go down the dreaded Windows Mobile and Blackberry paths?

Comments from experienced Palm users who have looked at connecting to Blackberry services would be very very much appreciated.