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    Anybody else experiencing crashes with AvantGo on the 755? As best I can tell, it was one of a couple programs causing reset loops on mine...
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    I have been using Avantgo for a few weeks with no problem with resets. I did have a period of time when it would not sync wirelessly but I believe the problem was on their end as the site went down at the same time. I have disabled the the hot sync conduits for Avantgo and only sync wirelessly.
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    What build of AvantGo are you using?
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    I am using AvantGo version 6.2 build 3044. No problems at all.
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    I am also using version 6.2.3044. There were a few days earlier in the week when it was not working but it seems fine now. Like I said the Avantgo site was down too. See if the site is down when you have the looping.
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    I'll try a newer version, I'd thought I was up to date, but I was using build 3027, probably was that. It definitely wasn't a site outage issue, I didn't even get that far!
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    Ok...anybody have a copy of the three PRCs for build 3044 they'd be willing to share? I'm a Mac user, and apparently I don't exist to AvantGo anymore; the only version I can find as a standalone PRC is 3027, 3044 is only in the EXE install file (which I can't even run in Parallels to get to the file, because I don't have HotSync Manager installed, and it aborts if it doesn't find that!).

    Stupid AvantGo, argh!
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    Andy why not try to create a new account with Avantgo and then get the new version since you don't exist to them. You can get it wirelessly and sync wirelessly. That is what I do. I have the Hot Sync conduits disabled.

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