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    Does the 755p have true GPS, or is it just triangulating off of cell towers? And if its not picking up its location off of satellites then why call it GPS.

    And to use GPS mapping software do you have to buy some sort of GPS card? It would be such a cool feature if Google Maps worked with onboard GPS.
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    quick answer: not true gps

    as far as getting a gps device.... for less than $100, you can get yourself a bluetooth pocketable (read "hidden") gps receiver.

    then, all you need is TomTom software - and you are everywhere!

    Those of us that have bought a GPS unit+TomTom all agree this is the hands-down BEST thing to buy for a PDA/Treo device - it makes the phone worth much more than you can imagine. Even if you have "no use" for it..... you will really enjoy it.

    Another option is a Telenav service where you pay a monthly fee, or you can pay "by use" and download the software....

    Either way, using gps on your device, you will never understand why you didnt do it before !

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    I know this has been covered many times in this forum, so please no endless posts of people listing links where this has been covered... but while you're on the subject, Alf, would you give me a product or link to a product that you recommend I purchase? And when you say pocketable - am I to assume that when I'm driving around, I'd need to sit the thing on the dashboard, right, and that it then sends the bluetooth info to my phone wherever that is in the car? And what about if you're walking around - does the thing still pick up your gps position if it's in your pocket???

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    You cannot go wrong with a "Holux GPS slim" (I believe the model is "236" or something like that)

    this unit I think has become one of the "Gold standards" for bluetooth GPS units. It is small, and (now) affordable.... I bought it when it was $100, and I would have gladly paid twice that for how convenient and useful the thing is.

    You can put it in your pocket once it registers the satellites, or place it anywhere in your car, the dash, the center console, the floor (dont ask) - it wil seem like it is working miracles...

    As for where to buy.... there is one really good source for "all things gps" stateside, that is "semsons" - do a search, and you will find all you need from these guys, call them up if you want recommendations, they know all the product lines fluently.


    link for you
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    ps: I have dropped, had this unit drop maybe 8 times, and no issues.
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    Thanks for the info, Alf - that's perfect... on that link you gave, there was also an ad for a solar powered receiver - I thought that was pretty cool... and when I look for accompanying software to use the reciever, I can trust that Tom Tom 6 will work with the 755p, right (they're only listing 650 and 700w from what I can tell)? Do I just load the program/maps onto a new miniSD card? Can it be on a card with other stuff (music, games) on it - or does it need to be a dedicated card?
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    Can anyone post or link to a guide on how exactly to get TomTom 6 working with the 755p, I'm confused!
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    TomTom 6 can be loaded onto a card, that you use with your other information and data.

    You will have these standard folders on the card :
    <palm> folder
    --> this contains your <programs> folder and <launcher> folder
    <dcim> folder for pictures
    <audio> folder for audio

    TomTom adds the following to your card:
    <TomTom> - the tomtom program folder
    <voices> - this is where the sound files for tomtom are (you know....turn left in 500 yards/meters etc....)
    <Map folder 1>
    <Map folder 2>
    <Map folder 3...etc...etc>

    TomTom 755p compatibility :
    --> I have read that TomTom 6 (version 6.030, build 8270) is compatible with the 755p
    --> On the Palm website or TomTom website there should be an "updater" file that updates the standard release of TomTom 6 (version 6.000 or whatever) to update it to the most current version.

    (I wish I could be more specific, I am still waiting to get a 4gb minisd card which is currently out of stock)

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    I got my Seidio GPS, can't wait to try this out. TomTom sounds like the one to go with....thanks for the post's.
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