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    Can someone please try helping me out here with IMAP, I've made a test email account and so far its working good, here's whats going on so far.

    1) Email account IMAP works great on OUTLOOK + Thunderbird. If I send email I can check thunderbird + outlook client on my PC/Laptop and see the /sent email is in both folders auto-updated.

    2) Chattermail + Versamail does not get the "sent" folder from sync IMAP and they do not send the emails into the sent folder for IMAP Server it seems after its sent. Yet the email goes through. So on Thunderbird/Outlook I do not see emails sent from the TREO.

    Please let me know if this is an issue with my setup? As versamail + chattermail is not syncing IMAP Folders, but smtp and emails seem to work fine for treo, and Outlook + Thunderbird is syncing the EMAILS from IMAP fine .

    Thanks again
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    Just found this to work for chattermail:
    Basically I will see 1) Inbox 2) Inbox.sent 3) Inbox.trash and I have to setup 2 and 3 manually. But if I send an email from TREO, chattermail puts in TREO SENT.

    Is there no easy way to auto-sync IMAP and put sent email into inbox.sent and auto grab list of folders new ones so on from IMAP Server and download? :\

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    Ok I have it figured out for Versamail now and successfully configured it to put emails in server's IMAP Sent folder + Trash accordingly Chattermail is still a mystery
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    In Chatter, make sure you have updated the list of folders for your IMAP mailbox by doing the following...


    Once this is done, you can tell Chatter what folder to upload sent items to...


    If in Chatter you want to have access to the send items on your IMAP server, then just create a new mailbox (NOT a new account) from within the IMAP account in Chatter and point the new mailbox to look at the sent items folder on the IMAP server.

    Its actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.
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