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    David, can we only buy the back battery covers alone?

    if so, how much? and where can we buy it?

    At this time we have no plans to offer the battery doors individually.


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    Battery 3200 mAh battery Test

    New 3200 mAh battery placed in Burgundy Treo with Blue battery door.
    9/22/07 8:41 am - Shows 99%

    Played Warfare Ins since last reading
    9/22/07 9:42 am - Shows 88%

    Email and web browsing
    9/22/07 10:25 am - Shows 82%

    Starting Workout with Ptunes streaming music, while surfing web
    9/22/07 10:53 am - Shows 79%

    Finshed Workout with Ptunes all the way with 2 incoming anwsered calls, 1 outcoing anwsered call and 2-3 missed calls with mp3 ringers blazing and Voice mail reminders going (with Bulter increasing the alerts) and Ptunes kicking back in afterwards
    9/22/07 11:47 am - Shows 47%

    Returned phones calls and checked vmail
    9/22/07 12:20 pm - Shows 45%

    Played Farkle with both daughters until their lunch time. Checked TVBrowser and decided on "SPAM: The Documentary" to watch while a fresh fruit smoothie with wife.
    9/22/07 1:55 pm - Show 41%

    Couple of SMS
    9/22/07 2:18 pm - Shows 36%

    Phone call
    9/22/07 3:23 pm - Shows 32%

    Sent pics from park to the VOX site and sent some work email.
    9/22/07 3:53 pm - Shows 22%

    Tried to listen to Extra Point fantasy football podcast, but keep having buffering issues at park
    9/22/07 4:13 pm - Shows 19%

    Surf the web
    9/22/07 4:52 pm - Shows %16 (Red)

    Work Emails
    9/22/07 5:30 pm - Shows 12%

    Neews and browsing to the stories' links
    9/22/07 5:41 pm - Shows 10% (first battery warning)

    Battery is low please recharge. I turned the radio off.
    9/22/07 5:55 pm - Shows 9%

    I turned the phone on and downloaded the TVBrowser.pdb from my PC via
    9/22/07 6:00 pm - Shows 8% (another low bat warning)

    I placed the 3200mAh battery on the charger after providing 9 hours of extended use.
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    Palm flex skin (which covers the kepboard) + Sedio 3200mah battery?
    Will it work?
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    I have the 3200 with the burgundy cover...problem is, it's not engineered quite right and the cover falls off regularly. Finally, it fell where I couldn't find it and I emailed Seidio about it. They sent me two additional covers for free. However, I can tell that eventually I will lose these covers as well.

    For this reason, I don't recommend buying the 3200 at this time. Perhaps they'll improve the design quickly, I dunno.
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