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    Can I just back up my treo 700 & then when I get my 755 just plug that in & do a restore to the new phone? or do I need to uninstall the old palm desktop & reinstall the new one? Are the versions different? also do the chargers & headsets from the 700 work with the 755? Thanks
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    1st hotsync your 700 then put in the new cd that came with your 755 into your pc. It will update your desktop manager. I can't remember but I think it will prompt you to see if you want to bring over your software as well as your contacts, tasks ect.

    Many treocentral members advise that you chose the option that says just to bring over your contast tasks ect. then reinstall your software on your 755 after your intial hotsync. I am lazy and did not do this.

    As far as my experience all chargers and headset have worked well with my 755. The bluetooth is lightyears better.

    hope that helps.

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    thanks but I should be more specific. do I need to use the install cd that comes with 755 p or can I just stick with 700p old desktop software? I am getting a replacement refurb 755 & want to know if I should ask for a cd with it? thanks
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    its the same.

    simply sync it.

    I didn't install any 755 cd's..simply used my old preinstalled from my 700 days.
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    sweet thanks trim. now if my 755 would only get here?

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