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    I have an interesting issue at work... I have various mobile users some blackberry, some Treo with a mix of Windows Mobile and Palm all of which need to receive updates on a specific RSS feed. The best way (and most common way used) to communicate with these people now is to send out emails since all their devices are compataible with plain text. Now I have an RSS feed which I need these people to see and specifically it would help if they receive an email whenever a change occurs to the RSS feed. Even more specifically, it would be great if it sends out one email for every change (IE: if it hasnt checked the feed in an hour and theres 15 updates than to send out 15 emails).

    Does anyone know of a solution that might work for this? I have been testing an app called Website Watcher but it does not allow me to send out 1 update per email instead it sends out massive emails with all the updates. Any help would be appreciated!
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    and use the cluster option to force individual emails for each update.
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    and use the cluster option to force individual emails for each update.
    Thanks for the reply! I have tried them before and they insert their web address in every email... I was looking for something that appeared a little more professional (beggars cant be choosers)... any more ideas?
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    I use both RSSFWD and R-Mail. They both work great. The emails show being sent by the original sender. I'm not sure what you mean by they insert their web address. There is a link to the web site added to the end, but it's a small price to pay for a free service IMHO.

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