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    Thanks Pat,

    I am just waiting for a new 680 to be delivered.
    Got it for 191.00(inc del). Comes with (after redemption) TomTom, GPS reciever, car charger and car cradle.

    Found a 8Gb Transcend for 50(inc del) so it's time to get rid of the 8Gb Sansa.
    (Although I'll hang onto the T3 for a while longer!)

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    My T3 is now relegated to TomTom dashboard duty. It's good at it since I replaced the worn out battery. What a great device.
    Patrick Horne
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    I have a Kingston 8GB Class 6 card (from Newegg) that has become a bit flaky. It works great reading anything (I've run pTunes for hours and Audible books likewise) but when I try to back up my 35MB or so of RAM with BackupBuddy VFS or Resco, it unmounts in the middle and I have to start over (although it picks up where it left off, so the back up program is marking the files backed up as I go). Also, recently, ptunes went to read the music on it and suddenly the directory structure was gone -- showed no files but a properties check showed 3.5GB used, .5 GB available (that 4gb reporting limit). Any thoughts?

    Is your Transcend a Class 6?
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