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    I'm new to Sprint. I have had my 755 for 2 weeks. I'm under the 30 day return window.

    So far, I love the 755 having come from the 650. It is rock solid, I have it loaded up with all my apps, games, themes, tweaks, etc. No resets and plenty of memory on both the SD and internal. Really, it is fast, stable and just the way I like it.

    What I am concerned with, however, is the few things that I really want that are missing. These include: EVDO Rev A, BT 2.0, integrated GPS, and a thinner form factor.

    I'm struggling with the idea of the 6800, the 800W, and possibly some other handhelds launched this fall.

    What happens if I want a new phone in 6 months? How does that work with my contract? Can I sell my phone and get another? Is it locked to carrier with my number, forcing me to return it? Will they not extend additional discounts to me in the future until my contract is up?

    Just wondering what options I will have in the near term if any.
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    Yoiu can sell it on ebay after you deactivate it but the ESN won't be "clean" and you would have to pay full price because you can't sign a new contract under your 1 or 2 years (well maybe you can beg Sprints CS but not normally)
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    Sprint will usually give you a discount of $75 off another phone if you've had your current phone for one year and $150 off for two years. You can sell your phone to someone as long as they are a Sprint customer or willing to be.
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    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    If I understand you correctly, I can buy a new phone, at my own expense in 6 months, and sell my 755P to another Sprint customer without incurring any penalties on my current contract.

    This makes it a little easier to stay with this new carrier and still pick the right phone for myself - if I am willing to pay the extra phone fees.
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    If you sell the 755 PM me your asking price as I'd like to upgrade from my 600.

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