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    Ok I finally have an update on the billing issue. Just got this months bill and it is about $30 more than usual. So I check out the charges, and I still had the credit for $579, but there was also a charge for $599. Went in to my local Sprint store and paid my bill. Told the kid that I hadn't sent it back yet, and he said thats cool sounds like you got a free 700p. So, I basically paid $20 bucks for the new 755p and got to keep my 700p that now works. Has anybody had this much luck, or am I in for another charge next month? The Sprint store rep said that it shouldn't show up next month, but I don't believe anything that comes out of the mouths of the reps at my store.
    Agreed with the above poster. I sho' ain't perfect myself and I can definitely identify with the excitement of getting something for free. But they sent you the return materials expecting to receive the 700p back. You know you're supposed to send it back, yet you're not doing that. Sounds more like a stolen 700p than a "free" one Perhaps you may find the notion of kharma to be motivating as the above poster mentions. Perhaps you would return it because all the stolen merchandise and bogus returns are certainly not coming out of the pockets of Sprint corporate big wigs... these "losses" get factored into the price of merchandise and all the rest of us get to pay more for our next Treo to make up for it Or, maybe you'll send it back because it doesn't belong to you Regardless, I hope you enjoy your new 755p
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    You were one of the lucky ones to get a 755p exchange...My sister has been with sprint 5 years and had 4 700p's over the last year and the current one isnt working well now...why not follow thru with the agreement???? Many people in your shoes would LOVE the deal you got...Like said before Karma is a MF....
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