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    I just started using GMM (version last week. I noticed that if I have my headset plugged into my Treo 650 and GMM sounds a Calendar reminder notification, the sound comes out of the headset instead of the Treo's back speaker. When using Palm's built in calendar, the alarm would always sound through the back speaker, even if the headset is plugged in. If I have the headset plugged in, but I'm not wearing it, I normally don't hear the notification alarm from GMM. Any idea if there's a way to change this or has it been resolved in an updated version of GMM?
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    I don't think this is a GMM issue. All sounds should come through the headset when it is plugged into the jack. That is the whole purpose of a headset, isn't it? The speaker should automatically switch off when the jack is correctly engaged by a plug. You say you can't hear GMM notifications when you leave the headset plugged in. Isn't the opposite true that you wouldn't hear Palm calendar notifications through the back speaker when you are listening to loud music through your headset? I don't believe there is anything you can do about this. It is what it is.
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    When the headset is plugged in and a phone call is received, the phone rings through the back speaker, not the headset. At least this is how my Treo 650 works. I guess Palm treats their alarm notifications (i.e. calendar, tasks, etc.) the same way as an incoming phone call ring...they sound through the back speaker. I'd like GMM to do the same.

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