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    Hello - I am currently using a fully updated 700P and one of my few installed apps, Chatteremail. I noticed that whenever I get an email versa mail pops up with it and of course chatter also does the same... I only want chatter to do this. When I go into versa mails options to NOT sync email but only sync Contacts (which i need) it automatically rechecks email... is there anyway to make it not do this as it worked pre-MR?

    Thanks in advance
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    If you have VM set to check 'As items arrive', I don't think you have any choice but syncing Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. I don't believe this is 'MR' specific, but EAS specific. If you installed the EAS patch, then pre MR and post MR should be the same. If you never had the EAS patch pre MR, then you didn't have the 'As items arrive' option....
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    This is really crucial for me; in fact, it's the reason I haven't updated (of course, another reason is that I don't have many problems with 1.08). Given my IT people require a password after 15 minutes of non-use with Exchange, I'm afraid if I update to the EAS/push VM on the new ROM, I will get a popup every time I have the contacts/calendar sync. Like you, I don't need VM to sync because I use Chatter. I don't think I"m going to find out the answer to this, unless there is someone else whose IT people require passwords for access to the Exchange server. Given that, I'm hesitant to upgrade at all.

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