View Poll Results: Mundu vs Causerie which one works better on the 755p?

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  • Mundu

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    Ever since Verichat vanished while been the best chatting software we were pretty much left with two options: Mundu or Causerie

    Looks really nice, but it seems to crash for no reason sometimes and background notification is just a pain. My Treo freeze sometimes when I get too many notifications at once. My battery also drains like crazy. Though, getting in and out of the app is really a breeze (Zero lag)

    I'm not sure about this app because it seems to have some lag and it doesn't look as nice as Mundu. I haven't tried the lasted versions, but support seems to have gone to none.

    So without looking at cost or fees which one would be the best IM app for the Treo 755p?

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    I'm still tossing between one or the other. I used Causerie last year, but preferred Verichat. This time around, I purchased Mundu (why not, for $11), but I find that whenever I reset (whether by choice or not), I have to manually start Mundu back up. With Causerie, I don't have that problem.
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    Yep, last year I used Verichat with no problem, but now... as everybody else I started using Mundu. Any brave soul want to share their current Causerie experience?

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    I'm using Verichat :]
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    I broke down and purchased it tonight with the 20% discount. (I figure I burn that much on a lousy meal or movie.)

    First: I couldn't get my registration code to log in. After a couple of restarts, deleted and reinstalled Causerie, it finally worked.

    Second: AIM would not log in and still doesn't. All I saw was an error message. AIM isn't critical for me anyway, since I have AIM automatically forwarded to SMS.

    Third: My phone would reset itself if I try to log in too many messengers at the same time. I was trying 7 (2 of each of Yahoo, MSN, and AIM and one Google). This happened a few times every time I tried to log in. The problem stopped as soon as I reduced the messengers to one of each. Currently I have 3 log in (aim doesn't work).

    Fourth: SMS background mode worked for a while, but seems to have stopped working in the past 45 minutes. I switched back to data background mode but I'd rather have SMS mode.

    Fifth: I tried sending myself a message (from desktop to Causerie) while I was in the middle of a reset (manual reset) but never received the message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    I'm using Verichat :]
    How's Verichat now? Is it still working?
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    Verichat rocks!!

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    Waaahhhhhh. I want Verichat back.
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    Mundu devoured my battery...I also had a couple freeze-ups when using a button shortcut to get to an active Mundu session...

    Otherwise I was pretty pleased with Mundu.
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    Verichat still works! Thank god I kept the registration info left over from my Treo 650!
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