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    Hey guys finally it doesn't lock up my phone when trying to sign on. Now that I can sign on it only shows like 20 people on my buddy list. This is no where near the actual amount and is missing many people that are online, offline, or away. I had mundu for a sec installed but the trial ran out. It was ok but I don't want to pay for it. What in your opinion is the best aim app for the palm 755p. I like free as well. I don't want to pay for it.

    ps i tried gizmo project and it was just weird.
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    I prefer Mundu 4.

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    I use toccer and its free.
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    I use Mundu, though release 3 not 4.

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    does toccer use data or SMS?
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    they all suck IMO. Verichat was the best but it is washed away.
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    I can't seem tp get v4 to run on my 755... Any tips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kd_cooke View Post
    I can't seem tp get v4 to run on my 755... Any tips?
    Mundu v4 for Treo 755p thread
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    Has anyone tried that gizmo one that was posted on treocentral's frontpage?
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    Why won't any developers JUMP on this golden opportunity to create another IM application like verichat to fill a HUGE need for the treo? Nothing comes close to the quality and reliability that verichat provided.

    How hard can it be to design a program which performs the same way that verichat did?

    nokia bought it, but why? what good did it do them?

    I'm amazed that developers have left this chance to make serious money alone. Really am.
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    must not be too much money in it, remember how Chatter started out as a chat program? I think it was just called IMChatter. He added email to it then I think, and then the chat functionality fell off and it became ChatterEmail.

    I think maybe the problem is that people are like many of the above posters - they want (demand) better programs but want it to be freeware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883 View Post
    Has anyone tried that gizmo one that was posted on treocentral's frontpage?
    It's just a free version of Chatopus
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    Yes, you read that right. ChatWorks Beta 11 has finally been released. In case you are new to the ChatWorks experience, here is *everything* that it can do up to this point.

    - View all IMs, IRC channels, and IRC private messages in *one* tab strip (or individually when you need to)
    - See when a conversation changes in another tab by color changes

    -- IM --
    - Connect to unlimited (within reason of course) AOL, Yahoo, MSN, or ICQ accounts
    - View all of your buddies across messengers in one list
    - Change your away states (including invisible on networks that support it)
    - *keep* your connection by means of ultra-stable software paired with an ultra-stable gateway
    - See which buddies are away and which aren't

    -- IRC --
    - Connect to three different servers simultaneously (or two with one IM server)

    Remember: ChatWorks does *not* run in the background in this version, that is coming in Beta 12. Also, audible alerts are not in this version, limited alerts are coming in 12 and nice alerts are coming in 13.

    Now some more things about the beta testing procedures. First off, feel free to post bugs right here in the forum now. I will just transfer them to the bug tracker myself for organization. I'm thinking of eventually just pulling the bug tracker out of the member-only area anyway. You'll also probably notice that Beta 11 now tracks your hotsync id when you authenticate. This is *only* for the betas, the full version will use standard registration. Also, it *only* tracks the hotsync id, the account name, and the time. There are no restrictions from using ChatWorks on multiple devices for testing, but if I see the same account show up for 20 different hotsync ids I'll close that account.

    Anyhow, you're probably just waiting to hear where to get it. For the current beta testers it's in the same place as before. For new testers go to and log in with the id you created. If you'd like to get on the beta tester team go to the Beta 11/12 sign up section here on this forum. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    - Phil -

    Hey Everyone,

    Beta 11 R1 is just about ready. I have a few more bugs that will need outside testers because I can't seem to replicate them. The bugs are:

    In order to access the members area you will need to use your BoraWare Beta Tester ID (the same one you use to access the program itself) If you've forgot your password it can be reset here:

    Once in you can either create a bug tracker account (if you haven't already) or use the account "guest" with password "guest" to just view them.

    The troublesome device seems to be the Treo 700p, so let me know what you think 700p users.

    Thanks a bunch,
    - Phil -
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    I could not get IM+ to vibrate, which means when my phone is on vibrate only, I get no notification at all.

    I started using Causerie again because it's the only messenger that restarts by itself after a reset.
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    The Sprint IM app did the same thing on my treo..I deleted the application and redownloaded (when I deleted it it was replaced by the link to download). It has worked fine since the (one exception with the 422 error once, and I just did the deletion/ re-install)

    The Sprint IM software for the AIM client only lists buddies on the "mobile Device" section of your buddy list (if you have one), and only a maximum of 30 AIM buddies total.

    I used Mundu from an earlier thread, I really liked it but it completely ate my battery....

    I am a former Sidekick II user and unfortunately, nothing even comes CLOSE to the IM capabilities of that thing... too bad everything else about the phone was sub-par.

    I REALLY dislike any of the mobile IM apps (first party, mind you) for any unit running Windows hard is it to make the "enter" key send a message?

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