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    I was an avid Verichat user until their demise. I'm currently looking for a messenger program that runs on SMS in the background. That was one of the best features of Verichat.

    I'm looking into getting Causerie because it runs on SMS mode in the background. How is it? Is there another alternative out there? I'm currently using Mundu but it doesn't run in SMS mode and is really draining on the battery.
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    Causerie is fine, support lacks though. Ben
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    I have been testing on and off for couple of weeks on 755p. Seems like a good program - no crashes; havn't had anybody IM yet via SMS. Not crazy about $30 per year, but will probably purchase. Mundu causes crash on exit; not sure of cause - was running beta from suppors, but still didn't fix. Most likely issue with other software. K
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