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    I think these are the same company and I've used the TCPMP successfully on my Palm for a year and half with no complaints at why pay for the Coreplayer?

    I guess I'm asking what the Coreplayer has that TCPMP doesn't??
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    I never upgraded to the Core Player and I don't feel I'm missing anything.
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    If TCPMP works for you, then there is no reason to upgrade. I use TCPMP just fine. This might help you a bit:
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    On PalmOS, there's no real reason to "upgrade" to CorePlayer. On WM, the newest version finally supports AVRCP.
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    Thanks. I won't bother with CorePlayer.
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    I haven't because there is no trial to see what I'm missing. TCPMP plays everything I want it to play.
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    Is Coreplayer / Tcpmp working on Google video mobile site ? It says it should work with free player

    Check this out.. It says so on front page
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    I wonder if the switch to CorePlayer would fix my random reboots I get with will frequently crash my 700P when exiting...

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    TCPMP works fine on my 680, and for the times I use it, I don't see a need for CorePlayer.

    Does TCPMP work on the Treo 600, I am giving one to a friend as a birthday gift and wanna know if I can load on that application
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    Coreplayer is more stable and has more codecs. The interface is also much nicer.

    Whether that's worth the cost to you is another question.

    All that said, I upgraded my Kinoma and deleted Coreplayer. I might reload Coreplayer at some point.

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    codecs. that is all.
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    Given my recent hiccup with Kinoma, if the Coreplayer could integrate streaming feeds (a al Kinoma's podcasts) while playing in the background (a la pTunes), then I would be on it!

    Then again, what is stoping pTunes from going rull throttle and supporing podcasts (even if I have to manually input them all)? Are you listening pocket tunes?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Given my recent hiccup with Kinoma...
    Since we know Kinoma Player has streamed (vs. downloaded) podcasts properly on your phone in the past, we just need to figure out what's different now. I'm confident we'll be able to figure it out.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    You know, if Kinoma could do background play, it would easily take away my dependence of pTunes! We would also need a battery indicator (I'm sure I'm breaking any ground here, as its been suggested before)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruckwine View Post
    codecs. that is all.
    Which codecs are those?
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    Where can I get TCMP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech Star View Post
    Where can I get TCMP?

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