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    I'm not as technologically savy as most of the folks here and was hoping to get a little info. I have a 700P and use it for the internet a lot. I noticed the default "Memory Limit For Storing Web Pages" is set to 8Mb. Also I noticed the cache seems to max out at 7.9 Mb with a lot of internet usage.

    How is this different then cookies?

    Is there any reason for me to not increase the Memory Limit and if so, how high can/should I go?

    The other thing is the clear cache on exit option which I currently am not using. I assume this is all to help load pages faster that I have already been to.

    I don't really get the difference though between the cache and the memory limit thing and what effect it would have if I either increased the memory limit or what happens if I set it to clear the cache on exit.

    Thanks for any help!
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    if you manually clear cookies every now and then Blazer will start more quickly. If you check clear cache on exit you will be rewarded with a nice long pause on exit each time. As for size limit I moved mine down incimentally to 3Mb. I did not notice a difference from the default 8Mb. I figured the largest page I load is less than 2Mb and I rarely jump back more than one page.
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    I set mine to clear cache on exit and set the limit for storing to 0. There is a bit of a pause when I exit, but I'm fine with it. I found that the caching mechanism in Blazer is lacking to say the least, it wouldn't update dynamic pages. The best example I can think of is the weather site. I bookmarked it with my local zip, but everytime I went to it I always got the same day's forcast. Clear the cache and go back and I get the current day.

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