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    I have owned my Treo 90 for several yrs. now with no problem and I installed some LexiComp software on it a few days ago and all of a sudden today my backlight went out...any idea why?? I read the topics on how the backlight going out was a problem with the Treo 90 first came out...but now they no longer repair/fix/look at Treo 90's. I already tried doing a soft reset and charging the device. The device is still fully functional but just cannot see anything!! Any suggestions on how i can go about getting my backlight back??
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    I honestly don't have an answer but congrats on still having an operational treo 90!!!
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    Oh that brings backs memories. The treo 90 is my all time favorite device, well besides my 680. Mine still works and I never had the silo problem, but I had to replace the flip cover 2-3 times. I hope you can get it fixed.

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    Try either of these two sites for parts for your Treo 90:
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