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    Hi I would like to sync using bluetooth. I have read about USB bluetooth dongle with a 100M range. I have been reading contradictory comments saying that if treo 680 only goes upto 10M the 100M dongle won't make a difference and some say it does. Has anyone actually try a 10M and 100M bluetooth dongle and was there a difference? Also I guess being a version 2 won't make a difference since treo 680 is 1.2.
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    No & Yes.

    No, the Treo will not sync at 100M, even if the dongle's class radio is such, the radio in the Treo is not. And thank God, b/c the battery on my 680 would be hammered even worse. Syncing is a two-way street. The dongle would only work at the theoretical 100m with another device of the same power. Also, I've heard of folks who are able to stream audio over BT for an extended distance as long as it's one way out from the PC. Using the Treo to update settings etc at 100m will not work on the host tho.

    Yes, BT 2.0 is backward compatible to to BT1.1 & 1.2. The 2.0 standard works with 1.2, but will be limited like 1.2 and will not bring your Treo up to the 2.0 functionality.
    Patrick Horne
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    However, I am quite sure you'll get more range out of the Class 1 (100M) than a Class 2 (10M). At work I have a collection of bluetooth dongles for some testing, and the Class 2 ones would barely work 10 feet away, where the Class 1 ones would work all over my lab (60 feet maximum in the lab..)

    At home, I have a Class 1 and I stream audio over it while I do lawn work all over my house, front and back yard no problem.

    Since the question was about hotsync; I've also hotsynced in the back yard and in my den, which is on the opposite side of the house from the bluetooth.
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    thanks for the info. Actually the real use I would need better distance is to use a software called sailing clicker to control my media player on my main pc. It works great in the same room but not all over the house. For what there worth I must just order through ebay a class1 dongle and see what happens.

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