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    I am new to treo systems and was wondering if it was similar to a PC based OS where after running a lot of apps the system memory will get all used up and generally slow things down. is that the point of a soft reset? Is there a specific app used to clear cache and add some of that pep back to the device? It seems to me that after a lot use the device drags its *** a little bit (similar to a page-out on a PC) however when I reset it things pep up a bit. Does this make sense or am I mistaken.

    Also, how often (if at all) do you guys reset your devices (voluntarily)
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    In Blazer on menu list choose Options, then Preferences, then Advanced. You can clear the cache and cookies. You can also see how big the cache is and how that relates to performance. I have mine set to automatically clear when I exit Blazer, but that is like turning off your computer - slow! Since I use the internet a lot I find that works well for me.

    Also a soft reset never seems to hurt. A few minutes and you're running again and the device has had the opportunity to pull itself together.
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    search for an app named reset doctor, it allows you to manually clear the system cache, or to set it to automatically clear when it gets to a certain level...
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    I deleted treo launcher yesterday and found a big improvement of speed without many lags at all comparatively. Today the 755 was soft resetting every time I tried to open chattermail and so I deleted that and the treo seems to be running as good as ever. I have a very noticeable difference before and after however i'm not sure if this is a common theme or just something I am experiencing.
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    I have my preferences in NVBackup set to reset after backup in the middle of the night so I wake up to a fresh Treo everyday.
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