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    I work in a small office and do a lot of the IT work and we have a windows2003 server running exchange2003. So one of the employees got a 700p and wants to sync with exchange so I am going to try versamail, I believe, will keep them in sync automatically with exchange (mail,calender,contacts). the other way is for them to manually sync throughout the day on their desktop using active sync.

    so this employee has alot of contacts in the phone that was transferred over by verizon from his last phone. I want to backup this info. in case it is ever lost (maybe import into his outlook contacts).

    what programs can i use to backup the treo phone data (contacts-phone numbers)?
    when i set up versamail, is it a 2way exchange? what is in his exchange-outlook will get sent to his phone and what is in his phone will get sent to exchange-outlook?

    my biggest concern is not to lose what he has already got in his phone.

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    I have used VM with Exchange for a long time. If it's a pre-MR ROM, you can even install an Activesync patch which will provide push. If a post-MR, it's already included. Was his previous phone a Palm? If so, make sure you don't reinstall any old software from an old copy of Palm Desktop. Otherwise, just install the desktop software as directed, and sync it with the phone. At one point you have to decide whether to have the calendar/contacts sync with Outlook or with Palm Desktop. You want Outlook, but you need to look at the format of the contacts. The Palm support knowledge base has a fair amount of stuff about syncing contacts with Outlook. You might end up with duplicates, and there's a way to format Outlook so you can easily remove the duplicates. Mine works just fine, although I have switched to Chattermail because I like the summary display better.

    Another way to make sure the data are backed up before you try and sync is to install NVS Backup or Resco Backup via Cardreader and back up everything on the device to a card.

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