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    DA Launcher and DAs

    sharing is caring

    everyone share there DAs

    I dont use this DA launcher, but have in the past, works great

    I currently use hi-launcher and u may also use launch-anywhere
    DA launcher built in

    blazer -. deletes cache and autofill and all that good stuff that slows blazer down, u can choose what u want to delete
    call look up - look up persons number in phonebook
    akutils - bunch of utilities that can be used on palm
    DA Launcher, same as link above
    lclip - copy and past more then one thing
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    most of them i got from

    try them out then delete which ones u dont use

    teikei is complicated one, used for memos, can google it
    metada, shows u all your DAs and easy to navigate to one u want
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    Great place to find DAs: (Google Translated Japanese Page)

    Currently use:

    AOCtrl DA: Lets you set the AutoOff time of the screen. from "Never" to "30 Min".

    CalCal: Small pop-up calculator that doesn't fill the whole screen.

    CalcDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    CalendarDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    Call Lookup DA: Looks up contacts fast.

    : Made from Accessorizer.

    ezConvDA: Simple converter for everyday measurements

    GoogHelperDA: Made from Accessorizer. Original app is "GoogHelper" from Iambic, which is an easy, button layout, Google Search app.

    InsertDateTimeDA: Inserts date and time into text space.

    LinfoDA: Small popup screen with system info, including: Date, Time, Battery, Ram, Card, that doesn't take up the whole screen.

    MemosDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    NetworkDA: Made from Accsessorizer.

    PrefsDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    RakuDA: Very useful Datebook, Tasks, or Memo event adding app. Very nice.

    SplashIDDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    TasksDA: Made from Accessorizer.

    Voice Memo DA
    : Made from Accessorizer.

    World ClockDA
    : Made from Accessorizer.

    I'll try to find links later, but the names of the DAs are accurate, so you can search for these...
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    What are these for? What do they do? Newbie here.
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    Basically it's small programs (DA's) that can be launched on top of any other program you are currently running.

    So for example, if you are in Blazer, and you don't want to exit Blazer just to use the Calculator, you can launch a Calculator DA on top of Blazer, then close the Calculator after you use it. Meanwhile, Blazer would be running "in the background" sorta.

    Or, if you are reading some email and don't want to leave where you are at just to type a new Calendar event, then you can launch an event entry DA on top of the email client, and then close the DA and you are right where you left off.

    You can also search for "Accessorizer", which creates a DA for any of your currently installed programs so that you can launch them in the same way.
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    another incredible program to run more then one program is sub-launcher along with accessorize

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