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    I have a Verizon 700p and after removing the Versa mail and Verizon components I have no application or application-switching delays. However, I do experience 15-20 second freeze-up when I move in an out of signal which I do a lot since I live in New York and use the subway. Have any Sprint MR users noticed a difference in this (assuming you had the same problem in the first place)?
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    I experience this many times a day as we have some dead spots in our building. I noticed no change in this situation.

    As I believe was also mentioned here, when the device goes to roaming, there is a tendency for it to now "stick" rather than failing back over to the default carrier.
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    mine has always stuck in roaming. and it still does. I have to manually force it back tot sprint
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    I go through a dead spot twice every day. The phone drops the call, beeps, and continues on. I have purposely used it knowing the drop was pending. No lag/freeze after MR on Sprint.
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    i live in the hills and have intermittent signal at my house. made it impossible to use my phone at all from home since a call would usually last only 5-10 seconds before disconnecting because of lost service. the thing that was the most frustrating was that my phone would often completely freeze in the off position when the signal went in and out, not just for 10-20 seconds, but permanently. i would have to do a soft reset to get it to turn on. this happened ALL the time. i pretty much had to either turn the phone radio off completely before coming home and not turn it on again until I was back in a service area, or deal with doing a soft reset every time I wanted to use it to look up an address, check my calendar, etc...i love my treo, but this made it pretty painful to use it.

    good news though, the MR fixed this problem for me! i haven't had to do a single soft reset for this particular issue since i applied the MR the day it was released. my phone now turns on whenever i want to use it, which sounds so basic, but is really amazing for me after what i was dealing with. i can leave the phone radio on now at home with no issues, and actually have a weak but decent enough signal to make calls from home. i know alot of people have had problems with the MR, but it gave me my phone back and i am grateful.
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    MR didn't fix problem for me, I have 8 of 10 calls dropped with "signal" faded message and theres full signal on my samsung A900!!
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    It's much better post MR at releasing control of the processor to other processes. Pre MR, if it was busy searching for a signal, nothing else worked except a soft reset. Now if the signal keeps coming in & out, you can still do other things (with a lag) or you can deactivate the radio while in the poor signal area - something that used to be impossible.
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    Thanks for your responses. I gather there is some hope in terms of the processor being freed up while searching for a signal.
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    the MR has not helped this issue for me at all. I still have signal searching freezes often.
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    I didn't actually notice this problem before the MR. Now, however, if I have a weak signal, it'll freeze for a few seconds. I don't even need to be doing anything CPU intensive, it's usually when I'm playing an ancient B&W backgammon game.
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    The biggest problem post-MR for me is when it switches from Sprint to Roaming. There is a lag of about 5-10 seconds when this happens. If I set phone to Sprint Only, it doesn't lag much as signal fades in & out.

    Prior to the MR, lag would also occur as signal faded.

    RE the dropped calls, some have reported problem with the 20227 PRL. Call up sprint and see if they can switch it back to 20225 or 20226 and see if that helps. I know recently I've been through a few 1-bar areas that now show up as NOSERVICE when they were working a month ago and I'm on 20227. I don't know if it was occurring while I was on 20226, but I think it might have. Never did under 20225.

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    Why does the Phone App sometimes say "network search" and sometimes "no service" What is the difference?

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