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    I have a lot of static when using any bluetooth, but I realized that i have plates/screws in my face from fractures a few years ago. The same devices don't give my wife static, so it seems to be my face. The static is MUCH improved in the car ... possibly because the signal bounces off the interior metal so that helps?
    Anyway, does anyone know of a Bluetooth that is specifically better at avoiding interference? Maybe that will help? Any ideas?? Thanks.
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    That's an interesting question. With the advance of bluetooth gear, I was hoping to locate a medical resource for you quickly, but have come up dry so far. Because bluetooth is much more popular than it used to be, a call to your surgeon may get you the answer you need, especially if the surgeon is relatively young (<50 or so). I'll let you know if I find some text or an informed opinion on this.
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    I don't think a doctor is going to have anything to say about this. Unless maybe you can get him to solder a wire to the plate and then you can use it as a bluetooth antenna.

    Seriously though, you just need a better headset. I haven't researched them really but just look for comments about range, static, etc.

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