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    For the last several weeks, On Demand has worked great. I usually read news and check weather report and the weather radar.

    However, for the last day or two, none of the "go out and fetch" content has been working. What I mean is, the news headlines, the short news blurbs, and weather reports all work. But when I tell it to fetch a radar image, a full news story (Full button), or TV Guide listings, it looks like it downloads via the progress bar, but nothing appears on the screen, no matter how many times I try.

    I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this behavior. Otherwise I'll try a hard reset even though I haven't added or removed any programs in a while.
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    I too had some issues that I think were due to the On Demand app. I did not use it much, but of course played around with it and had it "scheduled" to update in the early AM, so I could read news etc over coffee. What I found was that my 755p would reset if I opened the app. I turned off the auto schedule feature and no issues, but I have to ask it manually to update when using On Demand.
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    Nope - I am okay with both loading a radar image and getting a full news story.
    Sorry to hear about your luck and I know that when you read a positive post it only makes it that much more of a frustration.
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    I have no idea what the problem was, but I followed some advice in some threads from a year or two ago.

    1. I deleted all OD apps using the launcher Delete function

    2. I used Resco Explorer to launch the Handmark On Demand Bootstrap program in ROM (it is hidden)

    3. OD re-downloaded itself and all is well now!
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    Yes, my On Demand has started acting funky, as well... it now causes resets when I press for various categories. I was already planning on deleting all of the files I could find related to OD, so hopefully I'll un-do whatever was done. You'd think if they bothered including it on the 755 they would have field-tested it long enough to find and correct issues like this.
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    The only thing the On Demand program is good for is to execute a soft reset...just choose a category! Since there are many other ways to get the same information provided by On Demand, I kind of prefer having a soft reset tool. Seriously, this could not have been tested thoroughly by Palm before they put it on the phone...what a joke!
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    Mine has and does work great
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    Mine works fine as well. I use it daily for a variety of tasks.

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