Ok, so I should start by saying I know little to nothing about java coding, so im pretty useless in this area. I have some games I bought and I want to know if the games can be converted to the PRC format for the Treo 600, from their original JAR/JAD format. I've been experimenting, but so far, it has seemed impossible.

I downloaded the JAR/JAD to PRC conversion tool. What I don't seem to understand, is when I go to convert the game, the compiler gives me this error:

"Failed: The .JAD file cannot be converted as critical information is missing or formatted incorrectly. Try downloading the file again or contact the application provider."

With that said, when I try to run the game with Wireless Toolkit 2.5's cell emulator, I receive this error:

"com.sun.kvem.midletsuite.InvalidJadException: Reason = 50
The MIDlet-Name attribute MUST be identical in the descriptor and manifest files."

What the heck does this mean? The game is Doom RPG btw. I was compairing strings in the .JAD file, as well as the manifest.mf file. The MIDlet-Name lines are perfectly identical, right down to the space at the end of each line.

Now this is what blows my mind thou! If I open Tooklit 2.5, and import project from .JAD file, then it copies the .JAR contents to the projects folders, and if I "Run" the app on the emulator, it works fine! If I build the project, it says:

"Building "doom rpg"
No sources to compile
Build failed"

My guess to this is because Im trying to use a pre-build game, so no source code is made available.

I guess im at a loss here. Why is the emulator running the game when I select "Run"? Why won't it run outside the toolkit? If the strings in manifest file and the JAD files are identical, why is it still giving me this problem?

Any help would be very much appreciated!!