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    Hello guys. After calling Cingular, AND PALM, I have come to you guys to help me figure this out... Here is the story

    My palm treo 650 works great. everything is ok. Makes calls, sends texts and surfs the web. I was going to update to the newest software from palm for my CINGULAR phone... It has the logo and apps too... I go in and download it. BUT, I see that my software ( Treo650-10.1-VZW) isn't ending with CMD or CMA or CMG i believe it is. Which is Cingular. When I try to sync the palm to my desktop to update it, it says I can't b/c My "verizon phone" can't update. Ermmm Last time I checked it was Cingular. But the software is VZW, which is Verizon Wireless...

    I called Palm and they said it could of been "flashed" to meet on the Verizon network. They say they might be able to get it up. They referred me to Bongo Wireless. I called and they said, " it is quite possible we can fix it.. For $75.00. " Well I'm a techie, so I don't like cheating if you call it that... Soo I ask my fellow techies. What are my options. ( i did a hardboot, and a softboot too) the software on it is Verizon defalently.

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    You posted a Treo 650 question in the Treo 750 forum, so you might not get the response you are looking for.

    To start you off, you will need the tool at

    There is a way to change a few flags with that tool so that you can flash your phone with the correct ROM. Its been a few years since I have worked with that, so I will leave that to be answered by some of the 650 experts here at TC.

    MODS - Please move this to the 650 Forum

    EDIT: Mods moved the thread...good luck to you Dellman87 and enjoy your Treo. When you feel up to it, you should try a custom ROM.
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    I assume you purchased the Treo secondhand? I'm not sure what point Verizon software would be on Cingular. Mixing Vermizon and Sprint I can see, but... Makes no sense to me.
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    do a search for firmware 1.23.

    downgrade the fw to 1.23, then you can upgrade to the latest fw

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